Monday, February 15, 2010

The Blonde Girl's Guide to: Helping a friend

There are many people in the world that get a rush from knowing that they contributed to another person's life in some way. It could be big or small, but we all love to do it! Nurses work long hours. Firemen rush into burning homes. Parents comfort their children. While I can't pay anyone to help me (well, I COULD, but I can't really afford it right now), I need some help. Most of you are already crazy busy with families and jobs and your own issues. I'm hoping that by being a team with a few of you, we both can reap the benefits of sticking together and pulling our own weight. Whether it be less stress, more energy, a smaller waistline, or just the joy of knowing that when I get across the finish line that you'll be the first person/place/thing I think of, I want you to feel rewarded for going out of your way for me.

In the next 7 months, I have to lose 2 pounds of fat every week in order to make my goal and be in the Ironman figure show. I'm scared beyond anything I've ever had to do. Firstly, I don't even own a swimsuit, much less one I want to parade around on stage in. I'm usually good in front of crowds, but there's always been a podium in front of me! Confidence itself is actually the smallest battle I'm worried about fighting. It's warding off the pressure from friends who aren't on the same plan or wish that I weren't so they won't have to keep up, dealing with the cravings that literally hit me every 15 minutes or so, and the sloth that keeps me stuck in the body I've made for myself.

I need some help. There are so many of you that are stronger, more confident, more disciplined, more organized, and more willing to kick me in the butt than I am to do to myself. I'd like to surround myself with people who are willing to show me where I'm not performing and show me how I can be better. It can be frustrating when people know you have a weakness and they use it against you or they simply aren't going to show you what you're doing wrong.

If anyone wants to help out on my little journey, I know we both can seize some great opportunities and make leaps and bounds of progress. Two heads are always better than one! For the most part, it would entail meeting work out dates, asking each other about food intake and holding everyone accountable, and being cheerleaders. If you're willing, or even slightly interested, give me a call! I really appreciate you!


  1. Hey Gurl, firstly, good luck on your journey! I know you can do it!

    Second - I have lost a *little* bit of weight over the past 6 months. By no means was it fast, but I attribute my success the method described in this book: "Eat to Live" by Dr. Fuhrman. The reason it has been successful for me is because I've been able to keep eating by eating differently. In the book he says that if you follow the diet strictly, you can loose a lot of weight, that's my only nugget (soy, of course) of wisdom! And you can do it!

  2. Dad and I are both TRYING to diet, my will power is zilch but I've lost 4 lbs. in 4 days, probably cause our scale is wacko. You are my biggest inspiration, I doubt I am much of one, as I would rather "Eat Happy" than "Eat Healthy". I'm only good for wearing the Team Kristin t-shirt, size XXXL please.

  3. :) Mom, you crack me up! 4lbs is 4lbs! Whether it's water weight or not, it's still weight that your bones don't have to carry around anymore. I know that you guys usually eat pretty healthy to begin with, so it's mostly just eliminating all the little extras that pile pounds on. Sauces, condiments.....candy and cookies! You're already "healthy", just get your "happy" from somethings else. I know a fluffy little cockapoo who is standing by with kisses and wagging tails ready to help. :)