Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Blonde Girl's Guide to: Waterproofing your make up

I've had my fair share of bad make up days. I mean, high school was pretty much just one continuous bad make up day in iteself. With all our lovely Seattle rain, the running around and getting sweaty, and of course the sappy chick flicks, there's a lot of reason why my make up NEVER stays where it's meant to be.

Today, because I was going to the gym, I knew that I wouldn't need any make up, so I didn't wear any. For some reason though, when I ran into an old friend later that I recently ended on a bad note with, I felt like my face was melting away. It was wretched! We walked past each other a few times without so much as even a glance. Normally, there would be many hugs and jokes and fun recollections of silly things, but that's all gone now. I try to tell myself that we're not going to be friends anymore because we're both dealing with a shift in priorities and that it's all part of the becomming an adult process, but to put it in a teenagers terms, this BLOWS! It's like eating califlower. I'm sure that this is good for me and probably very healthy for my emotional well being, but.................I miss my friend.

I hope they know that I very much care that they're okay; that I miss their sense of humor, the way that one sentence from them would wipe away an entire bad day at work and how sometimes, we could just sit in the livingroom or car together and not have to say a damn thing and it was ok. I hope they know that I think about them a lot but refuse to reach out because I think it'll just lead to either a disappointment for me, or an "honesty" argument that makes it worse.

Time to put that stiff upper lip back on. I think I'm going to go without any mascara for a while though...

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  1. Oh sweetie... I know it hurts, but over time the hurt will diminish and you will look back and bve okay. I love you girlie...